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Pugh for Senate

Adam Pugh: A Conservative Patriot

I love Edmond and there are few places in the world that exhibit the same entrepreneurial and can-do spirit centered around a sense of community. Oklahoma will emerge from today’s tough economy more resilient and prosperous than ever. We should utilize this as an opportunity to be more efficient, consolidate agencies and to strive for excellence in education.
Experienced Leader Experienced Leader
As an Air Battle Manager, Pugh logged combat support missions in the Global War on Terror, coordinating hundreds of U.S. and allied aircraft at any given time in the theater of operations. He flew missions in Iraq, the Balkans, Asia and Eastern Europe. As chief of Readiness and Inspections, he led and prepared an entire airwing for sustained combat flying operations.
True Family Values True Family Values
He met his wife, Sarah, in Edmond and they have two daughters, Sadie, 3, and Amelia, 9 months. Pugh is an active member of Life Church in Edmond where he volunteers in numerous programs including Whiz Kids. He participates in the Edmond Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Edmond Young Professionals and he has been a substitute teacher in Deer Creek and Edmond Public Schools. He is active in the Boys and Girls Clubs of Oklahoma and the Food Bank of Oklahoma.
Air Battle Manager Air Battle Manager
While stationed in Germany, Pugh developed new training methods for aircrews. His ideas to better use technology and integrate training tools saved the USAF and our NATO allies millions annually. After leaving the military, Pugh has continued to work in the aerospace industry and today heads business development for one of the largest Oklahoma-based aerospace companies, Delaware Resource Group of Oklahoma. DRG has consistently been one of the fastest growing companies in the OKC metro and now trains thousands of service members a year in complex military training operations.
“I have flown missions across the globe and I understand that freedom is worth fighting for, on the battlefield and in the halls of our capitol.”      
–Capt. Adam Pugh

–Capt. Adam Pugh


Guiding Principles

``Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.`` -- Ronald Reagan
One Nation Under God
Ours is a nation founded by those who recognized that our rights come from God, not government. They also recognized how quickly we slip into despotism if our nation’s people should forget it. We need public servants as leaders, not would-be kings.
Limited Government
Government is absolutely necessary for an ordered society. But, as Madison reminded us, ours is not a government of angels but of men. Just as we seek to check the vice of individuals we must also seek to limit it in our government. Freedom and overreaching government cannot co-exist.
Defend our Liberty
Liberty is a blessing that requires a people remember the responsibilities that come with that it. Among those responsibilities is the mandate to defend freedom whenever it is threatened. Liberty is always only one generation from extinction.
A Patriot, not a politician
All too often our government, both locally and nationally, is made up of career politicians who have never served in the private or military sectors. That reality leaves a stark void of accomplishment where certain critical virtues of leadership and sacrifice are developed and proven.


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